Enzyme Facial

Non Acidic Plant Derived Exfoliation

Enzymes are plant derived, non-acid exfoliants that work on the surface layer of skin to break down dead and dry cells.  They work more gently and slowly than AHAs which makes them really well suited for addressing sensitive skin with dryness & uneven tone.  Enzyme peels/treatments are perfect for ALL skin types.

Enzymes break down the Keratin protein in the upper layer of the skin, which sticks dead skin cells together.  With the keratin protein removed the dead skin can gently go away.  Enzyme peels/treatments use enzymes from fruit like Papaya, Pumpkin, Pomegranate & Pineapples.  This results in smooth, healthy-looking skin and also helps reduce blemishes & pigmentation. 

Enzyme peels/treatments are gentle, yet incredibly effective in removing the buildup of dead skin.  Supple, glowing skin is immediately visible.  There is no downtime after an enzyme peel/treatment, which means peels/treatments can be incorporated into your regular skincare routine. 

This treatment can be repeated every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the intensity of the enzyme treatment performed.

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